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Q1: How often do we find the voice in our heads echoing the mistakes and shame of our past?

That voice becomes louder and louder, it grows and grows until it is all we hear.  Suddenly we are stuck inside this prison in our minds, desperately wanting to escape but not having the courage or empowerment to break free.  Mindset of negativity washes over and we start to believe the lies.  “I am an addict.” “I am destructive.” “I am not enough.” These statements become the reality we choose to live, when indeed it does not have to be.
We don’t have to live a life of imprisonment to our thoughts, to the lies of the enemy of our souls—the leader of the anti-life. Satan is defeated, and if you resist him, he’ll flee away from you. Jesus defeated him. He forgave our past so you and I can live victorious present and futures. He continues to forgive us if we stumble and fall.  Most importantly, he gave us the Holy Spirit to empower us to do abundant life as God intended it.
Take heart, God has given us real deliverance from our past through the sacrifice of Jesus and empowerment to live victorious futures through the Holy Spirit; but, we need to activate that freedom in our daily Christian walk as we invite the Holy Spirit to infill and re-infill us daily
The Holy Spirit was given to all people who were waiting to experience him. And from that first century event, the so-called day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is available to all, and we will do well to wait for his infilling as we rush to do things in life.
We cannot be witnesses to a supernatural God in our natural.  Trying to become a better version of ourselves by ourselves doesn’t make us empowered witnesses to Jesus.
Read Acts 2:1-4 

Q2: Why do we need the Holy Spirit?

Many of us try hard to become a better version of ourselves by ourselves.  But no goal-setting, vision-creating, and self-help reading can transform us. It can only modify us.  And more importantly, can never reflect the glory of the Triune God.

We cannot be witnesses to a supernatural God in the natural. We need to be infilled with the Holy Spirit and then we become empowered witnesses to God. When we do things in the natural, you and I act out of our natural self.
Some of us think that we do not need God because we view him as a crutch. God, the creator of every human being, is not a walking stick to lean on while we hobble through life. He is an empowering agent that in-fills every nook and cranny of our entire being and our existence displays the glory of our Creator.
When we walk by our natural sight, we can never see what we can see through the empowered sight of the Holy Spirit.

The disciples missed grasping Jesus’ vision casting for them as His kingdom’s apostles. The only way they could act as God’s ambassadors, and not just Israel’s ambassadors only interested in mankind's’ struggles, was to experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit

In the natural, we stay imprisoned by our mental box, versus filled with the Holy Spirit we are enabled to do life through his supernatural power.  This is why Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit as the helper who is poured out to empower us to witness.  The Holy Spirit empowers us not just so we can make it somehow through life, not even just to conquer our own kingdom. The disciples were interested in their kingdom of Israel.

We all have domains we want to possess, improve, develop, and prosper. But Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and the Spirit empowers us so we may display the supernatural provisions of God to the natural struggles of men.

The kingdom rule of God offers just and righteous governing authority for all affairs of man, develops all domains of society to proclaim the goodness of God, and cares for the eternal welfare of all men - the person's spirit, soul and body in relationship to the Creator and to the fellow creature.  It is important to know the Holy Spirit was poured out on the believers that were expecting. It is also for you today.

Joel likely prophesied in the late 9th century B.C.:
“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.” Acts 2:17
The Holy Spirit is available for the receiving here and now, but we often treat him as though are not sure if the Holy Spirit is for us. There is no more waiting. Just open your heart to welcome his infilling. 
The Holy Spirit empowers believers to do life with our greatest potential. Our natural person gets filled to the brim supernaturally when we embrace and allow the person of the Holy Spirit into our hearts.

Q3: What will you change in your daily habits to make room for regular time with the promised Holy Spirit?

 You need to be in-filled with more of his Spirit, instead of your own.  We cannot be witnesses to a supernatural God in the natural.
Reflection:  Are you ready to receive the promised Holy Spirit?

Prayer:  Dear God, I pray for all of our readers today.  I pray they would surrender the lies of the enemy that have been spoken over them.  I pray for bondage to break. Holy Spirit, I pray you come to empower them to move out of the prison the enemy has put them in and set them free as they are empowered by you to be a witness and example of Jesus Christ. Amen.