Welcome To Real Life Church!

I’m excited that you are here!

We're a community of grateful Christ followers of Christ who make a tangible difference in the lives of real people and connect them to real God. In fact, doing real life with real people is what motivated us to start Real Life, an innovative, marketplace church.

We know God has a heart for Richmond - a powerful city - and remain grateful for His provision in gathering us together! Today, he is uniting passionate believers to reach a generation of global influencers.  We are designed by God to create beautiful futures with him. He has given every person a creative potential that can be realized fully only in loving relationship with him and with others.

If you join us, you won't simply become another number among a congregation, you'll enter into genuine community, where God's Word is firmly established.We believe fellowship and transparency are the launching points to help each other discover our true identity in Christ and God’s purposes for us.


Real Life Church: Doing Real Life with Real People


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