Our Core Values

We are committed to creating an environment where God meets you where you are. Each week, our practical, relevant, biblical teaching can be applied to your daily life. Our worship and prayer moments are designed to allow you to experience God’s grace. We are also committed to support you through various needs and seasons of life.  The church is affiliated with The Assemblies of God denomination. Here is our "Statement of Fundamental Truths"


We desire to be an Acts 2 community of faith. We believe the first Christians in Acts 2:42-47 provide a vision of what it means to be a church that is pleasing to God, spiritually transformed, and attractive to the world. They were radically committed to God, lovingly connected to one another, and sacrificially contributing whatever it took to bring the world to Christ, even at the cost of their lives because of what’s at stake — eternity.


We help you discover how you can make a difference in the world. Through our Wednesday Night Bible Study we help you discover how God designed you uniquely, to fulfill a specific purpose. We provide many opportunities to serve locally, in the market place as well as missions trips and projects around the world.


Real Life Church is a family-friendly church where you can belong. Our diverse and welcoming community of believers and small groups provide community and relationships. Plus, at Real Life Church, kids and youth want to go to church, thanks to our vibrant kids’ and students’ ministries.