Our Story

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Real Life Assemblies of God Church was launched January 17, 2016.  We are a community of grateful followers of Christ who make a tangible difference in the lives of real people, connecting them to real God. In fact, doing real life is what motivated Pastors Svetlana and Michael Papazov to start Real Life, an innovative, marketplace church. 

Real Life Church is an entrepreneurial church with a heart for de-churched people and for bridging the sacred and secular divide.  The entrepreneurial church is not a “how” church, but a “why” church. It’s not about the methodology, but about the Christology. 

Real Life Church is Church for Monday. It is a faith community that equips believers for work on Monday and fosters the creative streak placed in every one of us.  Our entrepreneurial mindset drives us to become, and teach our congregation to become, an agent of transformation that co-creates with God.

God has entrusted the local church with carrying the life-changing message and ministry of Jesus Christ. We desire to become a bridge to culture that connects people to God, offering Richmond’s small businesses a thriving environment for spiritual growth in order to balance faith, family, and work.  

This past year we celebrated our church that was officially recognized as General Council independent church, affiliated with the Assemblies of God USA. We have seen God do amazing things, 55 salvations and counting, and we are looking forward to the days to come. 

We hope your experience at Real Life Church will help you… challenge you… inspire you… encourage you… strengthen you and move you to action.